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Best motorcycle tours from Mandalay

We have compiled some Myanmar motorcycle tour or independent trip ideas here.

Mandalay is best place to start your tour as you can fly there directly and that’s where you most likely get your bike from. These day rides can testing what’s coming and how to survive in local traffic.


Bustling cultural center of the country where all people are riding motorbikes. Mandalay is hub for trade to China and we could say that it is capital for northern part of Myanmar.

You can explore the normal wet markets and jade market here. Drive up to Mandalay Hill for nice views and check out some hidden monasteries like Shwe Inn Byin or join locals to support Yadanarbon FC when there is football match at local stadium.

Mandalay is perfect base for short exploratory day long motorcycle tours which we list here under.


Located across Irrawaddy river – drive over a bridge to get there. Sagaing is now one of the most important  Buddhist centres in Myanmar. You can visit monasteries and nunneries there to meet the friendly monks and nuns. Drive to the top of the Sagaing Hill for great views over the Irrawaddy river. There are pleasant small and scenic winding roads are great fun to explore around here.


Mingun is a small village on the western bank of Irrawaddy river like Sagaing. The main attraction is the Mingun pagoda which was cracked by an earth quake. There are couple ways to get to Mingun. Take a boat from Mandalay and put your motorbike on board. Or ride to Sagaing first and around 20-25km up along the riverside road.

Innwa / Ava

Old shan kingdoms ruins that are located 15km south of Mandalay. You can take small ferry across Myint Nge river and drive around island like area of the ancient kingdom. Not many buildings are left but you make stops at the viewing tower, old teak monastery and few other places. Try to choose roads where there are no tourists with horse carts.


Can be conveniently combined with Innwa or Sagaing. There is nothing but few monasteries left from the old kingdom palaces that were moved to Mandalay and the Ubein bridge which extends 1.2km over Taung Ta Man Lake. This is one of the iconic Burma photo spots. Best time to be there for amazing photos is early morning or better sunrise. Sunsets are getting crowded and you will be there with hundreds of tourists.

Yaetagun Hill, waterfall and caves

This is one of the least visited sights around Mandalay that deserves more credit. Only 20min drive out from Mandalay will take you through paddy fields scenery to nice limestone mountains. There is a winding paved road up to Yaetagun Hill and a few monasteries on the way. What’s out for the cheeky monkeys at road sides. They have been fed by local pilgrims and like to grad any food items from bag you have hanging out.

At the end of the road you will find couple trails that lead up to limestone caves further 1hr hike. There are usually local pilgrims going as well if you are up for the challenge climbing up. Make sure to bring along enough water though.

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