Myanmar Motorcycle Rental

We have listed here available bikes in Mandalay with available dates. Other motorcycle models maybe available on request. Please get in touch with us to inquire more.


Myanmar motorcycles rental and hire

Honda CRF 250L Dirt Bike

Comfortable dual sport motorcycle that has enough power to carry taller and heavier rider. CRF is good all rounder dirt and road travel bike.

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Kenbo Dirt Bike 200ccMyanmar motorcycle rental and hire

Popular motorcycle in Myanmar. This bike is good fit for bigger frame beginners and intermediate riders. Suitable for long road trips and off road cruising. The bike comes with electric and kick starter, rear luggage rack.

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myanmar motorcycle rental and hire Yamaha-XTZ-125

 Yamaha XTZ 125cc

Yamaha XTZ is ideal for lighter riders to whom our 250 and 200cc bikes frames might be too high and bikes heavy to handle. Our Yamaha bikes were recently bought and are in great condition. The bikes come with electric and kick starter and pannier rack in the back for luggage.

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Myanmar motorcycle hire and rental scootersScooters 125cc

Classic step through scooters with semi automatic foot operated gear. Fuel efficient and easy to use small motorcycles, convenient for long and short trips. Luggage can be attached to back of the bike with cables.

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