On this page we have collected some answers to questions that might occur to you when planing to do a motorbike tour in Myanmar. Our team is dedicated to help with all the things and worries that might come up while planning an unforgettable motorbike experience.


Drivers license in Myanmar

Although rarely asked while riding motorbike in Myanmar you should always carry along your drivers license. The authorities and police are in general very friendly and polite and rarely stop motorcyclists. Some travelers have been ok with their normal overseas drivers license. All of our guides have official driving permits.

How to get visa to Myanmar?

Getting a tourist visa to Myanmar is easy. We at discovery rides can help you get a visa or you can get an e-visa from Ministry of Immigration’s official web site. E-visa costs 50$and you can pay it with credit card. Usually the process takes up to three working days and after the handling you will recieve the visa aproval to your e-mail. Please note that e-visa can be used only if you arrive to Yangon or Mandalay by international flight. You can also apply for visa from any embassy of Myanmar for example Bangkok or Singapore. If you have any more questions about how to get a visa to Myanmar, please contact us and we will provide you with all the needed information.

What to wear?

We recommend to take some warm clothes for the road, because in some parts of the country mornings and evenings can be bit cold. It is also a good idea to take quality shoes for driving. The locals drive usually with flip flops but good boots feel so much safer. During the day it usually gets so warm that wearing a t-shirt is just enough. For the dustier parts we recommend to take some kind of cloth to hide your mouth and nose from the flying dry dust, some times there is a lot of it.

How to pay? Do you accept Credit Cards?

Payment has to be done in advance. Detailed payment instructions will be sent once a tour has been scheduled. We accept both Visa and MasterCard payments


Where is the starting point for your tours?

At the moment all of our motorbike tours are starting from Mandalay. In our experience Mandalay is the easiest starting point for the tours, because there are lot of points of interests around the area and driving motorbikes in Yangon is illegal. You can get to Mandalay with international flight from Singapore or Bangkok and from Yangon there are daily domestic flights with different companies. It is also possible to take a bus or train from Yangon to Mandalay although in our experience the train ride is 14-15 hours of absolute nightmare.

If you are interested taking a bike tour with us we will happily assist you with all the travel arrangements and answer to every question that might come to you mind.

How many people can take part in your motorbike tour?

We can arrange tours from two to eight people, of course for smaller group the tour price per person is little higher because there are some costs (tour guide, support truck etc) that can be shared among bigger group.

How do I book a motorbike tour?

You can go to our website Booking section or contact us  via email or phone. Our helpful team will give you all the information you need and discus about all the details and hopes you might have for your adventure, making unforgettable experiences is our passion.

What are your tours like?

We want to give people the best of Myanmar, with the coolest way of transportation. Our tours are carefully planned so that the driving hours per day are not too long and the roads are possible to drive. We take travellers to the highlight points around Myanmar, but also drive some back roads to show some rarely visited spots. We listen to customers wishes and hopes about the tour itinerary and make sure that everyone will leave our adventures with big smile on their faces. We have long co-operation with the best tour guides in the country and years of experience organizing adventure tours around Myanmar.

Mostly is all about the feeling of freedom while driving trough beautiful mountain roads passing small villages and friendly people. At some more rural places the accommodation might be quite simple but we always take our customers to best place available. Overall by driving motorbikes you will see more of the country, get closer to locals and have chance to take some dirt roads to go places that would out othervise be unreachable.

Are your tours in English?

Yes, as a rule we hire English speaking guides. Should you wish to have other language speaking guides, a request in advance is required and is subject to availability.


What are your Motorbikes like?

Myanmar has only few options to offer when it comes to two wheeler’s and we like to keep it local. So our bikes are 125 cc semiautomatic scooter style rides, this is the type 95% of the locals are using and you do not get a feeling that you are the slowest or smallest thing going on the roads. We have tested the bikes in pretty much every type of road that Myanmar has to offer and they have survived really well.

These bikes are easy to handle and for the smaller roads they are quite the winners. Top speed we have reached on a good straight road is 100 km/h so you can get a nice feeling of speed as well. We have even driven some trekking tracks with these beasts so of-road is definitely possible although not most comfortable because  the suspension is not same as in dirt bikes.

Smaller size and easy handling means that you do not have to be that experienced rider to join our tours, but with these roads and views even the devoted drivers will get an experience of a lifetime. For groups of two to four it is possible to arrange bigger 200 &250 cc dirt bikes, but unfortunately its not always possible due to availability reasons.

Is it safe to drive a motorbike in Myanmar?

Yes! Road conditions in Myanmar are improving day by day and we have planned and tested our tours so there is enough challenge but things will not get too hazardous. The road quality varies a lot from really good to really bad. We have experienced some of the worst roads in Myanmar and survived them with pride, but that being said after a while its not fun driving anymore so most of our routes go on asphalt roads.

Security situation is stable in most parts of Myanmar and Discovery Riders are constantly getting information about the security situation in the rural areas of the country. We are not taking you to places where the security situation might be bad.

We have a support truck following the group so if some technical problems should occur our mechanic can manage most of them on the road without too much hustle.

Do I Need My Own Motorbike Gear?

Motorbikes and all necessary motorbike equipment is included in all our tours, of course nothing feels better that your own helmet. We also provide a support truck for carrying luggage with some spare parts and a local mechanic. You can check more details of what is included on our tours from our tour descriptions.